students in a park setting


Many great activities take place here at Holy Name School. From field trips and dances to Christmas concerts and the Harvest Festival, there is something to excite everyone. Along with these great activities comes the extreme need for many, many volunteers. We need your help with setting up and cleaning up each activity as well as running the actual functions. You will see that it is a fun and very rewarding experience to know you are benefitting our school as we work together to mold Holy Name students into exemplary young adults. We look forward to seeing you soon!

To inquire about any available volunteer duties at the school, check out our News page or contact the school's administrative assistant, Jayme Chippendale, for more information.

Field Trips

Let us know if you would be available to accompany students on a class field trip.

Special Classroom Projects

Parents often have skills and talents that can lend themselves to special projects in the classroom. We invite you to share with us any talents you may have that would help.

Volunteer Requirements

Anyone who will be volunteering at a Catholic school in the Diocese of Fall River will find all necessary forms and instructions pertaining to our background check process below.

For more information, contact the school's administrative assistant, Jayme Chippendale.