Students behind wooden letters that spell Holy Name


At their own pace and using their senses, the four and five-year-olds in the Holy Name pre-k program are learning, all the while thinking it's just plain fun. Through active play and exploration, the fertile minds of preschoolers will blossom. Your child will learn new things, develop a sense of creativity, learn to work with others and independently, and learn to experiment.

In preschool, your child will learn to strengthen their social and emotional development, learn how to compromise, be respectful, and problem solve. Our preschool provides an environment for children to explore, gain a sense of self, play with peers, and build self-confidence.

We pride ourselves on providing a fun, safe, and nurturing learning environment for a child's first school experience. The children have specials that include computers, physical education, music, and art based on meeting state and diocesan learning outcomes while meeting the social, emotional, and developmental needs of young children. We provide teacher-directed large group instruction using music, movement, manipulatives, and great literature. Children are also engaged in a variety of small group play and learning areas within the classroom that meet their social and educational needs and tie into the monthly curriculum theme.

Some of the highlights of our program include:

  • Weekly Mass
  • Playground equipment area
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Field trips - past trips have included:
    • Old Stone apple orchard
    • Simcock Farms (pumpkin patch & hayride)
    • Local Fire station
    • Children’s museum (Fall River & Eastern locations)
    • Zoo (Capron & Buttonwood locations)
  • Cat-in-the-Hat visit in coordination with the nation's Read Across America event that honors Dr. Seuss' influence on literacy.
  • Multi-generational activities with other classes and with our families.
  • Grandparents' bingo
  • Catholic School’s week
  • Easter Egg hunt
  • Breakfast with Santa
  • Thanksgiving Day Feast
  • STEM Activities
  • STEM provides opportunities for children to learn reasoning, hypothesizing, predicting, and theorizing while they play. They also learn about science, technology, engineering, and math. Students can be more creative, inventive, and innovative as they build a strong educational foundation.

What Your Child Will Need for School

  • Two morning snacks & a drink
  • A lunch & drink if you have not ordered from the school
  • Backpack (no wheels)
  • Lunch box
  • Nap mat
  • One Spare Uniform (shirt, pants, socks, and underwear) - Please put it in a labeled ziplock bag.
  • Two plastic folders
  • One primary regular composition notebook
  • One 24-pack of regular size Crayola crayons (other brands melt when we laminate them)
  • 12 pack of colored pencils-Crayola work best. Regular colors, no neon, no pastel.
  • One simple zippered pencil pouch (no monster or hard cases)
  • Six small Elmer’s Glue Sticks
  • One bottle of Elmer’s Glue 4 oz size (only white)
  • One package of thin dry erase expo markers-fine tip black only
  • One individual picture of the student
  • One family photo

Dress Code

Pre-Kindergarteners should wear the Holy Name School gym uniform every day except on scheduled monthly birthday dress-up days posted on the school's monthly calendar. You are now able to order school uniforms from our school store. Please select your child's grade, gender, and program. For more information, please visit the school uniforms website.

The gym uniform consists of:

  • A navy blue, short sleeve, crewneck t-shirt with the Holy Name School logo
  • Navy blue sweatpants or sweat shorts with the Holy Name School logo
  • Sneakers (no light-up shoes) and solid white, navy, or black socks

What Parents Have Said

"Mrs. Barreira is my daughter’s preschool teacher at Holy Name. She is the best! She is always so energetic and kind and will do anything she can to help a student. My daughter has a stutter, and Mrs. Barreria volunteered to speak with my daughter’s speech therapist about techniques to use in the classroom. She makes her feel very comfortable and gives her all the time she needs to get her words out. My daughter has learned so much from Mrs. Barreira. For me, the best part is how she is able to bring the faith alive to the kids. My daughter, at the age of four, was able to explain to me the events of Holy Week. She spoke about Lent and the meaning it has. I was just so impressed. Faith formation is a big reason we chose a Catholic Education, and Mrs. Barreira is doing a fantastic job of educating little saints in the making."

"Mrs. Barreira was my son's preschool teacher, and she was great. My son is a very spirited little guy, and she was amazing with him. She truly established a strong foundation for learning."

"I am grateful for the placement of Mrs. Barreira in the pre-K classroom. My daughter attended a preschool/daycare for almost two years before she started at HNS. She was never excited to go to school and had quite a bit of separation anxiety from me daily. Since starting at HNS, she is always excited to go to school. She has learned so much and is even beginning to learn to read. I’m so proud of her progress and her genuine interest in school. Mrs. Barreira has done such a great job at making her feel comfortable, safe, and excited to learn. I’ve saved almost every paper I’ve ever gotten home because her growth has been so impressive, and I truly believe that is because of the time and care Mrs. Barreira has taken with her. I just wanted to thank you for placing Mrs. Barreira in her path; it has been a life-changing experience for her and for our family."