Girls basketball team with coach

Clubs & Activities

There's more to school than sitting in the classroom. We offer students opportunities to do other activities that are fun and rewarding.

Extra Curriculum Activities

  • Art Workshop
  • Board Games Workshop
  • Chorus
  • Cooking Workshop
  • Dance Club
  • Fitness Focus
  • Jewelry Making Workshop
  • Pinterest Crafts Workshop
  • Photography Club
  • Reading Time
  • School Newspaper Club
  • Student Snack Kart Business
  • CYO Basketball (Parish)
  • Futsal

School Newspaper

The HNS Press invites any student who enjoys writing to become part of our staff. We encourage our students to write about the “goings-on” in our school community while exploring their own creative writing abilities. Our paper includes features like school news, restaurant and book reviews, and short stories written by our very own students. We publish the HNS Press three times a year.

Our club is available to all students in grades six through eight; we also encourage students in all grades to contribute to the newspaper.

After-School Homework Club

Students don’t have to think of homework as drudgery when it means interacting with others with a common goal. Our homework club helps students get focused on achieving this important and inherent part of school.

Students in grades two through eight who do not leave school at the normal dismissal time will report to our after school homework club. Homework Club is covered on a rotation schedule by our faculty or staff members, and is held from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.


Unite several voices in harmony. Our musical choir teaches the skills to make beautiful music. For those who enjoy singing, this is the place to be.

Student Snack Kart Business

Holy Name School aspires to provide its students with the best possible environment to enrich its student’s learning experiences. As a result of this, new innovative programs are introduced to the students to build community, foster the need to educate, and to encourage the idea that fun and learning can go hand and hand. The eighth grade students are continuing "The Kart" business. Students will learn the fundamentals of banking and the many responsibilities that are involved with running a successful business. The profits from the sales are helping the graduating class with expenses for their trip to Washington DC.

CYO Basketball

Holy Name School also offers Catholic Youth Organized basketball as part of our Parish Youth activities. We encourage children from grades 4 through 8 to join our program as part of their spiritual and physical growth. We stress the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship. The season runs from November to April. There is usually one game and one practice per week. Teams from other parishes in our Diocese are our opponents. We play our regular season games at the Sullivan – McCarrick CYO Center on Anawan Street in Fall River. We will notify parents about signup through the weekly newsletter. A CYO application is available on our Forms page.


Are you interested in participating in Futsal? Futsal (pronounced foot-sall) is a form of indoor soccer, played in a basketball court while using a smaller soccer ball. Holy Name has six different divisions made up of student’s grades pre-k to eighth. The season will run from December through March, with hour-long practices held once a week and games played on Saturday. Please view the flyer for more information about our Futsal program. For registration, please find the application on our Forms page!