Pastor leading worship service at the altar

Our Faith—How We Live It

Holy Name School provides a faith-based education in which students build and deepen their relationship with Christ and learn about Catholic principles, values, and traditions.

School Mass

We are blessed to have Mass in school once a week. Fr. Riley J. Williams also provides opportunities for students to go to confession, and most importantly serves as a visual representation of Christ’s love for each student.

Student Ambassadors 

We are a group of upper school students whose goal is to be ambassadors of the Holy Name of Jesus. We meet monthly with the elementary grades to teach lessons of Christian life and lead the service activities of Holy Name School.

We take bully prevention seriously. Please read our Bully Prevention Plan for more information.

Ambassador Testimonials

These testimonials come from a few of our student ambassadors. We are lucky to have such amazing students who want to make our school a better place!

“I would like to teach kids how bullying can hurt others. I also want to help carry out the Holy Name of God.” – Jayla, Grade 5

“I want to gather all of the things that I have learned from previous ambassadors and give it to younger kids. I want to know what it is like to teach helpful things to them, and I also want to do a lot of community service.” – Ereny, Grade 5

“I feel that I would be good on the ambassadors team because I am a good friend. I have the courage to stand up for others, respectfully, when needed. It is very important to think about how your words and actions can affect others.” – Abigail, Grade 6

“I want to be part of the ambassadors team because I have been bullied before. I was excluded, called names, and made fun of by one of my own friends in fifth grade. It really hurt my feelings, and I felt like I didn’t fit in. I do not want any other kids to go through that.” – Taylor, Grade 7

“Being in eighth grade, I feel that it gives me a better outlook on bullying. This year, I would like to be an ambassador because I want to help the younger students in Holy Name School come closer to God." – Jason, Grade 8

Faith in Action

Our goal is not only to impart knowledge of our faith, but more importantly to provide students an opportunity to experience the living faith. Prayer is an important component of school life. Students start each day with prayer, and when students or the school community face difficulties, they gather together to pray.