Our Mission & Philosophy

Holy Name School provides a Catholic education within an atmosphere of academic excellence. While providing Catholic values, we challenge our students to do their best, to nurture their gifts and talents, and to develop curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.

Holy Name School strives to produce confident, competent, and caring individuals who can work cooperatively, who show respect for one another, and who demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of Catholic values.

A Strong, Catholic Foundation

From the time Holy Name School was a thought in Pastor Monsignor William H. Harrington’s mind to today, the primary focus of the school was to offer students the opportunity to grow in their awareness of their Catholic faith and to develop a relationship with the God who created them.

Holy Name School's very first faculty members were nuns from the Sisters of the Holy Union of the Sacred Hearts, better known today as the Holy Union Sisters. They established the strong, Catholic foundation that continues to be an emphasis and is at the core of all academic instruction at Holy Name School. Since August of 2005, all students at Holy Name School have had the opportunities to participate in the weekly celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass,  confession, and monthly prayers and Adoration on the First Fridays.

Our Philosophy

Holy Name School is a Catholic educational community in which we share knowledge in an atmosphere of gospel values; it is a community whose members freely choose to share their special gifts as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Holy Name School creates an environment that affords many opportunities for children to accept one another as members of the Body of Christ, and where learning experiences are greatly enriched by the uniqueness and giftedness of each individual. These experiences should always be a true and genuine reflection of the authentic Teachings of the Catholic Church to which this school is dedicated.

We acknowledge that the support and cooperation of parents and members of the Holy Name Parish family are essential to the life and growth of our school. We are all united in a common goal to provide for the religious, intellectual, physical, and social development of every child.

Holy Name School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Its first accreditation experience began in 2001 with a self-study. In 2003, a visiting committee from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges visited the school and granted accreditation. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges requires re-accreditation every ten years. Currently a self-study is being conducted, which involves input from faculty, staff, parents, and students. We modified and re-wrote the mission statement as an outgrowth of the current self-study.